Happily Ever After

Yay!!!!! You have found love and it is time for you and your partner to frolic through a field of daisies leading you to a place where you will forever live happily ever after. Right? Not necessarily. This is when the work begins. Thanks to Fairytales and Disney movies we are all brought up to believe this. I am not saying that you won’t live happily ever after, but I am saying that you might have to put in some work to get there. This going to require you brushing up on your communication skills, draw lines in the sand, and not be crazy.


   Having outstanding communication skills can make or break your marriage. Talking to your partner about issues that arise is the best thing you can do for your relationship. Also, admitting that you have a relationship problems is the first step to fix them. If you fix the issues immediately, you can continue to have a healthy and happy relationship. If you don’t solve these problems early on, then the issues will build up and become so big that it can end your marriage.


   What are the problems that people can have in marriage? Every relationship is different so every relationship will have different issues. The first point of tension that came up in our marriage was money. By this way this is common. Money issues are the leading cause of divorce. So, we got married and joined our accounts together because that’s what married couples do right? This is a good option for some people but not everyone. Definitely not for us. We kept having disagreements about how each other were spending our money. I didn’t understand who would spend $1700 on a gun and my husband did not see the point of spending so much money on cosmetics. Option one, we could continue to fight or we could fix it. We then admitted that the way that we were spending the money was not going to work. This is where you draw your line in the sand.

   We decided that when we were dating we had separate accounts and we did not have any disagreements. So, that’s what we did. He has his account I have mine. We both can spend whatever we decide is good for us. Fortunately, we resolved our problem on the first try. However, the first idea does not work try something else.


   Which is my next point; don’t be crazy. Albert Einstein defines insanity as, “Doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result.” Basically, of it’s not working try something else. Obviously, relationships are a pretty intricate subject. We will discuss more about marriage and relationships in future blogs, but these techniques are a great place to start. Thank you all for watching. Please like and share everywhere!

Much Love, ❤️



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