Weight Lose Simplified Part II

Hi Y’all!!!! I hope that all of you really took some time last week to think about the healthy habit improvements that you would like to make. This week, I wanted to address what to do if you fall off the wagon. We’ve all been there! You make a plan to lose the weight for good this time. You get rid of all the cookies, chips, and soda. Then, you go to the store and purchase all of the fruits, vegetables, and other healthy items that you will need. You take them home and prepare them. Finally, Monday comes (because we can’t start any other day. It has to be Monday) and you begin. You do great the first day! Tuesday comes, you sneak in a doughnut, because one won’t hurt. By Wednesday the food in the fridge begins to go bad and you are wondering where you are going to hide the Twinkie wrappers. It’s OK though, you’ll get back on track on Monday! Does this sound familiar? This has happened to me too many times, and all I am left with is feeling of regret, sadness, and a few more pounds. By being quick to forgive yourself, forgetting the Monday rule, and making small habit changes, you will be able to keep treat yourself with compassion, keep the weight off, and feel great!

Oh no, you have fallen off your diet and you are feeling disappointed in yourself. Have you ever asked yourself questions like, “Why can’t I get it together?” and “Why do I always do this?” or perhaps self-hate is your thing. You tell yourself that you are “fat and ugly and unworthy of love” or something like this. I was guilty of this for many years, I used to write in my journals the most horrific statements that would make you cringe. And no matter how much I would talk poorly about myself it never seemed to help. In fact, it only made it worse. Nothing makes you want to binge eat like making yourself feel bad about yourself. It was not until I stopped this negative talk and began to forgive myself, that I was able to live a healthy life. I realized that I am human and that I was going to make mistakes. I began to look at myself like a child. I would never say any of these hateful words to a small child, so why would I say them to myself. I got out my sticky notes once again, and I wrote the truth everywhere. “You are beautiful!” “You are wonderful.” and “Yes, you deserve to be loved.” It took a while to retrain my brain, but now I barely recognize the person I was, I also started to forgive myself for eating unhealthy foods and skipping work outs immediately. Bullying yourself for something that has already been done is pointless. I would forgive myself, strap on my Nikes and go shake my butt in Zumba. You can’t go back, just make better choices moving forward. Which brings me to my next point, forget the “Monday rule.” 

If I had a dollar for every time I heard someone or myself say, “I will start back on Monday,” I would be a billionaire. I am not sure where this “rule” came from, but it is not going to help you at all, and you should forget it as fast as you possibly can. The best time to get back to being healthy is the second that you realize that you are not in alignment with the goals that you have set for yourself. Not on Monday, not on January first, and definitely not when the junk food runs out. The best time is now, it always has been, and it always will be. 

We talked last time about making small healthy habit changes. If you are going along and you have made four healthy habit changes. You have started working out, stopped eating sugar, started stretching in the mornings, and limited the amount of salt that you are eating. You go on vacation and you over indulge yourself multiple times, and you have not been doing your workouts or stretching. You come back from your vacation and your vacation hasn’t stopped. Your still making late night ice cream runs and your friends are wondering why they haven’t seen you at the gym in a while. Sound familiar? What do you do when you have stopped everything? I recommend starting from the beginning. Start working out for a month, then stop eating sugar, so on and so forth. If you feel like you can add a new habit improvement faster than in a month, do it! The point of adding each habit improvement in slowly is so we don’t get overwhelmed and quit. It reminds me of a game I used to play when I was a kid. We would throw a ball back and forth, and count up each time we caught it. When the ball was dropped we would pick it up and begin again, always trying to beat our previous amount of catches. 

Being health does not have to be complicated. Always treat yourself kindly, forget the “Monday rule”, pick the ball back up when you drop it, and set a new record. We can make creating a healthy “you” fun and simple. Thanks for joining me, until next time.
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