Top 7 Workouts

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Hi Y’all,

Here are 7 of my favorite workouts. I hope everyone is having a wonderful week so far!

Yoga- Yoga seems to take away any stress stored up in your body. It is extremely relaxing, and is very beneficial. Even though, it does come with challenging moves, it is one of the easier workouts i’ve tried. There are many variations of Yoga. Yin Yoga classes are the most soothing  and relaxing classes that I have attended. For a more challenging/mind blowing experience try hot yoga.

Kickboxing-This workout is great if you want to get in tune with your inner fighter. It is also good if you tend to be stressed out. This work out is definitely one of the more challenging, but is really fun. I have loved doing this in classes or at home. I love the Tae Bo DVD, it is the best one that I have tried! Check out my favorite products page! I have it listed on there.

Elliptical- The Elliptical is my favorite machine! It is very low impact compared to running, and it gets your heart pumping. I love watching t.v., music, or talking to a friend while I’m doing it!

Treadmill- I love the treadmill’s incline program. Many treadmills have preset workouts where you go up and down with the incline. This is what gets your heart rate up.

Weight Lifting- This is surprisingly one of the most relaxing workouts. It is very effective if you are going for a toned look. At the gym you can go from machine to machine. If you are at home resistance bands are great way to target those muscles. Check out YouTube for video instructions.

Zumba- Zumba holds a special place in my heart. This is my favorite work out ever. If you like to shake your booty Zumba if definitely where it’s at. This is a great class if you’re just starting to work out.

Water Aerobics- If you don’t want to feel yourself sweat this is where you need to be. Water aerobics is a very fun and low impact way get your body in motion.

I can’t stress enough how important it is to get moving. We are only given one body so we need to take care of it. Also, Please consult your physician before beginning any new exercise routine. On the left hand side of the home page you can provide your e-mail and I will send you new blog notifications. Thank you so much for reading. You’re awesome!

Until Next Time,

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