Finding Yourself

Back in day, many women felt like they had to get married young. If you were not married by the time that you were twenty, you were considered an old maid and it would be very hard to find someone to marry you.

Although, there are still many people who practice this belief, many of us have the opportunity to go out into the world and find ourselves.

What do I mean when I say find yourself?

  • Move out of the house
  • Go out into the world
  • Find out what do you like to do for fun
  • Go to school and or find the career of your dreams
  • Discover exactly who you are

When you get married, your lives become meshed together, and you become couple. I encourage you to know precisely who you are before this happens. When you do tie the knot, you can incorporate yourself with that person.

Which you find out who you are, don’t lose yourself! (after marriage, life seems to become hectic) I encourage you to still do all of the stuff you love! Make time for your friends! (Just because you’re in a relationship does not mean you have to blow off your friends) Make time for yourself! And no this is not going to upset your significant other. If they truly care about you they will want you to continue to be you. After all, you are the person that they fell in love with.

Do You!

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