Keys to a Happy Marriage Part I

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Marriage may be one of the most intricate subjects. With all of the variables involved, it can seem difficult to navigate. I have found that it was more complicated in the beginning, but we still definitely have obstacles to overcome. We all have different marriages that come with different issues.

The most important question that I want you to ask yourself is, “would this person ever intentionally hurt me?” If your answer to this question is yes there is definitely a deeper issue.

Either this person has been hurt by you or someone else in the past. If this person does have intentions to harm you communication is going to be the key here. It does not matter if it takes one day to talk it out or an entire year. This conversations must happen. If you have to seek therapy to fix the issue I encourage you to do so.

Once you are on an even playing field, and you are able to see that this person is going to always have the best intentions when it comes to this relationship you can then move on to the next step; trust. This is so important in a relationship! I have seen so many of my friends struggle with this in their own relationships.

Unfortunately, past relationships can make us feel jaded and make us feel like no one is worth our trust. We can not have these past experiences determine the rest of our life. In order to have a happy marriage you must be able to trust your partner completely. If you are not able to trust them, who can you trust?

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