Is Having Children and Getting Married For Everyone?

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Should you follow societal norms even though it may not be right for you? This is a subject that is very personal to me. I feel like as a woman there is so much pressure on us to get married and have children. But what if you do not currently feel in your heart that this is something you desire? And no matter how many times you tell people that you are going to wait or may not, they continue to ask you when you are going to get married or get pregnant.

Do you believe that everyone should get married and have children? Although I believe that there are some people that are meant to be parents, but I have made enough trips to Wal-Mart to know that there are so many that are not! LOL What are good reasons to have a child? I believe I will be ready to be a mom when I am ready to nurture another human being, and be there to help them reach their maximum potential.

I have a super busy life right now. Many nights I do not even get home until eight at night, unwind and go to bed at 10. My weekends are spent at the coffee shop writing. So, if I did have a child I would have minimal time to spend with them. Even after telling my friends and family, they still feel like it is a good idea for me to have a baby.

This applies to marriage as well. Many women are too focused on their careers to bring someone into the picture. Many times, they have been married before and are enjoying being alone.

Should they be pressured into marriage just because? If you are not ready, I encourage you to stay strong. This is your life! Do not let anyone pressure you into anything that you do not want to do! What is your opinion about this?

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