It’s My Fault, Lets Fix It!

Realizing that every circumstance in my life (whether it was positive or negative) was a direct result of my actions was the most heartbreaking, but life changing experience.

Before I began this journey, I was very good at playing the victim. I would blame everyone and anything else for all of my problems, and it was wrecking my life.

I began to take the blame in certain situations, and I took my power back. What do I mean “I took my power back?” When you hold yourself accountable, it puts you in a position to change whatever it is that you are upset about. If you blame someone or something else you give your power away.

Now, I take this one step further. I look for reasons as to why it is my fault. By doing this I can quickly pinpoint exactly what it is that I need to change!

Yes, I could continue to cry and complain about how the whole world is out to get me, or I could take responsibility, level up, and live this wonderful life! And you can too! At the end of the day the choice is always yours.

Much love,

Simply Brandi Olson


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