When I was younger I used to always think that friendships lasted forever!  

Most of the friends that I had, I began my relationship with them at a very young age, and those friendships lasted well over 20 years. There was a shift at the end of the 20 years where I lost a few close friends.

At the time I was very emotional and upset. It was not until I began to do research on this subject that I realized many friendships did not last a lifetime. And I was not alone.

Recently, I have been reading Tyler Perry’s book Higher Is Waiting. Tyler describes this concept beautifully and I want to share it with you. He says that there are three types of people. There are leaves, branches, and roots.

This is how he describes these three groups:

The leaves are only in your life for a season and then they waste away and eventually die. He said, “these people are only there to take and give shade.” Lol


The branches are a little stronger and they will make you think they are a good friend, but when you step out onto them they’ll breakdown and leave you high and dry.


The root people are the most vital part of the tree and they make sure you get everything you need. These are the people that will hold you down forever.


Some people come for a lifetime and some come for a season. It’s important to let folks go if they are not willing to work on problems with you because that is a good indication that they don’t care about you or they have served their purpose and their season is over. And don’t get discouraged!

 Keep searching, loving, and trusting. Your roots are out there!


Simply Brandi Olson

Perry, T. (2017). Higher is waiting. New York: Spiegel & Grau.



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