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When I began this journey, I was very concerned about being careful when I wrote my blogs. I did not want to release all of myself because I was afraid that I would offend someone, or I would be too much for some people. Guess what? Today I made a decision;  I am me, like it or not. I am here to provide amazing content to people who are proactive in living their best life.

I’m not interested in living in the past,  but moving forward! I am into solving problems, not complaining about them, and having a positive outlook in otherwise dark times. We are so blessed to live in an amazing country where we not only have freedom of choice, but we have freedom to excel.

We can choose to do anything or be anything! Will there be obstacles? YES! Will your path look exactly like everyone else’s? No! Everyone’s journey is different. I want you to fall in love with yours.

Do not be concerned with where you are starting. Do some research on people in your similar situations. There are people who grew up poor, were abused, have disabilities, or illnesses that went on to accomplish mind-blowing achievements in their lives.

If you are more interested is to laying around, complaining, and not adding value to this world, it’s all good! That is your choice. If you want to get up every morning, make good decisions and calculated moves, I want to rock with you, let’s do this!


Nice to meet you,


Simply Brandi Olson


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