Holiday Party Planning

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The Holiday season is rapidly approaching and the party season has begun! I love planning amazing holiday parties for my friends and family. There is something about their happy glowing faces that make all of the cooking, coordinating, and decorating worth it!

The first thing that any great party needs is people. When I begin to plan parties, this is always the first step! Next, is finding a venue. If it is smaller party, houses work wonderfully. For larger parties, check out restaurants, bars, city or events centers, or parks. These are all great places to have a super fun get together.

Now that you have a venue, make a guest list, and send out invitations, emails, or text messages. I have also seen really cool websites that invite and track all of your attendees. This would be amazing if you were hosting a large event.

Yay! The hard part is done, now you just have to pick out decorations, food, and entertainment. Have fun with this, the more festive the better! Don’t forget to have something vegetarian for your guests. Lastly, find something fun for your guests to do. This can be an activity, dancing, karaoke, etc.

And of course, have a great time!!!!

Happy Holidays

Simply Brandi Olson


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