Big or Small, Be Grateful for It All

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Have you ever been in a place where you feel like everything is working against you, and you have absolutely no reason to be grateful? This used to be me, and I cannot even believe it! If you would have asked me to tell you something I was grateful for, I would have literally laughed at you.


Today, I could go on for hours for all the things that I am grateful for. And I could have then too, but I looked at the world in a completely different light. Everyone has something that they can be grateful for, it is just a matter of making the choice to see it.


As I said before, I didn’t see it. But God (The Universe) whatever you want to call it, had fun plans for me. “O.K. you have nothing to be grateful for, let’s see how you do with much less.” My home, family, and privacy were all stripped from me. Great! (Not so much) but life changing. This made me appreciate everything that I was taking for granted.


I couldn’t wait for a time when I would no longer have to share a small room with three other girls, a full-size shower, free time, and privacy. I longed for all these things. Once I began to get back everything that I took for granted, I had a whole new appreciation for it. I remember having tears of joy just thinking about how grateful I was.


Not only was I over the moon happy, something weird began to happen. I began to acquire more people, places, and experience than ever before. It has created a snow ball effect. So, when you think that you have nothing to be grateful for, think twice. Think about how lucky you are to have eyes to read this or perhaps the clothes on your back, or the sun on your face. Whatever it is big or small be grateful for it all!

Until next week,

Simply Brandi Olson



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