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Today I had a long discussion with my friend about how much significance we put into our food. đŸĨ˜ Instead of using for its intended purpose (to fuel our body) 🏃‍♀ī¸we use it for happiness, to show love, when we are sad, ☚ī¸and for many other reasons. I for one feel like I would be so much better off If I took the emotion out of it! What about you?


For example, we were talking about the holidays that are coming up. 🌲 I was telling her about all the great food that I was going to make and how delicious it was all going to be. Not one time did I mention the family that was coming into town or the meaning of the holidays. Sad, right?

She was telling me earlier how she was going to have a special meal at the end of the week but failed to mention the special time that she would be spending with her husband.


We are so programed to think about food during celebrations, that we often forget what we are celebrating. If we remove the emotion from the food I believe that we could see situations not only clearer, but for what they are. Do you believe this?  Type something in the comments.

 Just a little something to chew on this week. No pun intended.


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