Forgive & Forget

We have all been in situations where someone makes you so mad that you never want to talk to them again.😑

Unfortunately, staying mad can be harmful. Although it feels hard to forgive and forget,  it is so beneficial your well being.

Here are some tips and tricks to help you when you are experiencing these unpleasant situations.

A fight breaks out. When it’s over you play out the conversation in your head, adding in what you should have said and analyzing every part of it. πŸ€”

You then think about your future encounters and how it’s going to go down. You think about what you’re are going to say, and what they are going to say, and what you are going to say back to that. As Kyle Cease would say, β€œYou make up fake problems and then solve your fake problems.”

After all of this commotion you have two choices;  You can continue to blow the situation completely out of proportion and tell everyone you know, or you can let it go and forgive them. When I say forgive, everyone always says,  β€œbut I do not want to be around them anymore!”

Forgiveness is not about being friends again. It is about letting go of the situation so it does not eat you up inside.

In these situations, I always try to see where the other person is coming from. I also think about ways to resolve the problem.

Life is too short to be mad over petty crap. If there is no way to reconcile the situation,  I begin to reflect on the positive parts of the relationship.

This is an amazing tip! While doing this you can feel the shift from being in an angry horrible place to a place of gratitude. πŸ™

Relationships are tricky and not one size fits all. If the relationship is not toxic, I definitely encourage to try and save it. If you have to let it go, do just that, let it go. Make that shift from negative to positive and forgive.

Do it for yourself,


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