Tough Times

What do you do when the waters get rough

When being tough doesn’t seem like enough

When the smallest situations reduce you to tears

When you feel taken over by all of your fears

You feel so stressed out it is hard to sleep

You lay on your pillow and continue to weep

When your body is hurting, and your stomach in knots

The negativity is taking over your thoughts

The times when you feel like you are going through hell

Are perhaps the times that open your shell

To new possibilities and sometimes change

Even though it seems kind of strange

In these times we can emerge a new person

Or we choose to just let things worsen

I encourage you to find the light in the dark

Find what it is that sets you apart

Apart from the darkness, the loathing, the shame

Because living a life of sadness is pretty lame

Living a life that is uninspiring and dull

Is not living much of a life at all

Get comfortable and experience the pain

Don’t try to mask it, it will drive you insane

I know it is easy to turn to alcohol, food, or dope

Instead try relaxing and relying on hope to cope

Hope for a new day

The ability to do things in a new way

You can do this, just relax

These are more than just facts

Push through the anxiety, the fear, the stress

Wake up and set your intentions to do your best

Talk to someone and get it off your chest

Keep your faith every day, God will do the rest

I know it hurts now, but time seems to heal

Keep yourself busy or just try to chill

I know when life gets real

It gets hard to deal

I’m not tell you how to feel

I just want you to heal

I’m trying to show you some love

That pain is not a one size fits all, glove

Know that you are being looked out for from above

I’m writing this because I have experienced this pain

But I chose to let it drive me insane

I wish I would have dealt with it in a positive way

Perhaps that would have changed who I am today

I have dealt with situations in a positive way too

Listen to God he will show you what to do

After all the goal is just to get through

Through to a brighter day

Rely on him to show you the way

When you look back you will see it made you stronger

The things that you feared you will fear no longer

If you were strong enough to overcome that state of mind

Imagine when things are good, the joy you could find

The joy to live your life and help others overcome their pain

You could help continue the healing chain















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