Stress Free Shifting

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As I’ve lived life I have found that most of us have a hard time with change

It’s hard to open ourselves up to new possibilities and broaden our range


We decide to drive ourselves crazy instead

Creating fake problems all in our head


And these fake problems require solutions

So, we come up with multiple resolutions


We decide to this and decide to do that 

Even though nothing is matter of fact


With this uncertainty comes a lot of stress

Turning our lives into a total mess


What if we looked at change in a whole new light

An opportunity to shine our brightest bright


Perhaps we have a chance to be reinvented

Change something that has made us discontented 


If we could just open ourselves up to new opportunities

New adventures, jobs, and communities


Whether this change is forced or a choice

Choose not to stress but choose to rejoice


See what happens and just relax

Wait to be presented with the facts


Wake up and be thrilled to start a new day

Be excited to see what’s headed your way!






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