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Dating , Love, and Marriage in 2018

Dating , Love, and Marriage in 2018

Hi Everyone!!!!

Relationships can be complicated and hard to navigate.

I have come up with ways to make your relationships successful, satisfying, and fun!

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Is Having Children and Getting Married For Everyone?

Is Having Children and Getting Married For Everyone?

Should you follow societal norms even though it may not be right for you? This is a subject that is very personal to me. I feel like as a woman there is so much pressure on us to get married and have children. But what if you do not currently feel in your heart that this is something you desire? And no matter how many times you tell people that you are going to wait or may not, they continue to ask you when you are going to get married or get pregnant.

Do you believe that everyone should get married and have children? Although I believe that there are some people that are meant to be parents, but I have made enough trips to Wal-Mart to know that there are so many that are not! LOL What are good reasons to have a child? I believe I will be ready to be a mom when I am ready to nurture another human being, and be there to help them reach their maximum potential.

I have a super busy life right now. Many nights I do not even get home until eight at night, unwind and go to bed at 10. My weekends are spent at the coffee shop writing. So, if I did have a child I would have minimal time to spend with them. Even after telling my friends and family, they still feel like it is a good idea for me to have a baby.

This applies to marriage as well. Many women are too focused on their careers to bring someone into the picture. Many times, they have been married before and are enjoying being alone.

Should they be pressured into marriage just because? If you are not ready, I encourage you to stay strong. This is your life! Do not let anyone pressure you into anything that you do not want to do! What is your opinion about this?

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Keys To A Happy Marriage Part II

Keys To A Happy Marriage Part II

Once you have opened up the lines of communication, and you are able to trust you partner, it is time to make them feel special and make their lives easier. I began doing this with my husband about six months ago and the results have been amazing!

One day I decided that I was going to do one nice thing each day for him, and not tell him that I was doing this. It doesn’t have to be a big gesture; the simplest tasks will do. For example, I would take out the trash (usually his chore), start his laundry, make him cupcakes, or buy him little gift ($5 movie from Target) No matter how big or small the deed is it will still show this person that you care.

After a week of doing this (keep in mind he did not know) he began to reciprocate the thoughtful actions. Which in turn made me very excited. He always told me that I made him happy before, but now he appears to be very grateful and it feels really good.

No one has a perfect marriage and we are all going to have difficult times, but it is so important to take the time to make the sweet moments even sweeter.

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Keys to a Happy Marriage Part I

Keys to a Happy Marriage Part I

Marriage may be one of the most intricate subjects. With all of the variables involved, it can seem difficult to navigate. I have found that it was more complicated in the beginning, but we still definitely have obstacles to overcome. We all have different marriages that come with different issues.

The most important question that I want you to ask yourself is, “would this person ever intentionally hurt me?” If your answer to this question is yes there is definitely a deeper issue.

Either this person has been hurt by you or someone else in the past. If this person does have intentions to harm you communication is going to be the key here. It does not matter if it takes one day to talk it out or an entire year. This conversations must happen. If you have to seek therapy to fix the issue I encourage you to do so.

Once you are on an even playing field, and you are able to see that this person is going to always have the best intentions when it comes to this relationship you can then move on to the next step; trust. This is so important in a relationship! I have seen so many of my friends struggle with this in their own relationships.

Unfortunately, past relationships can make us feel jaded and make us feel like no one is worth our trust. We can not have these past experiences determine the rest of our life. In order to have a happy marriage you must be able to trust your partner completely. If you are not able to trust them, who can you trust?

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Finding the Man of Your Dreams

Finding the Man of Your Dreams

Dating can be confusing and straight up annoying sometimes. It can be frustrating to keep dating the wrong people over and over. I used to hate breaking up with people! I would fear who I would end up with next.

These days, dating not only seems daunting, but it can be a little scary. Don’t give up, the man of your dreams is out there, and I have some tips that will make navigating the dating world a little easier.

First, become very clear with what it is that you are looking for, and WRITE IT DOWN! Before I met my husband, I wrote a list of exactly what it was that I was looking for, and he matched every single item on the list.




Hard Working

Good with Money

Green Eyes/Brown Hair

Taller than Me

Get specific, the more detailed you are the better. The next step is to believe that you are worthy of this man. If you do not believe that a man like this would be interested in a woman like you, guess what? You are right! If you believe that you deserve to happy, and you deserve to find this amazing person you are also right.

Step three, is to wait for him to show up. If it has been a year and still nothing, do not lose hope and do not settle. I believe that this is why our divorce rate is so high. People get tired of waiting, get lonely, give up, and end up with someone who is not right for them. Give it a try, what do you have to lose?

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Finding Yourself Before You Tie The Knot

Finding Yourself Before You Tie The Knot

Back in day, many women felt like they had to get married young. If you were not married by the time that you were twenty, you were considered an old maid and it would be very hard to find someone to marry you.

Although, there are still many people who practice this belief, many of us have the opportunity to go out into the world and find ourselves.

What do I mean when I say find yourself?

  • Move out of the house
  • Go out into the world
  • Find out what do you like to do for fun
  • Go to school and or find the career of your dreams
  • Discover exactly who you are

When you get married, your lives become meshed together, and you become couple. I encourage you to know precisely who you are before this happens. When you do tie the knot, you can incorporate yourself with that person.

Which you find out who you are, don’t lose yourself! (after marriage, life seems to become hectic) I encourage you to still do all of the stuff you love! Make time for your friends! (Just because you’re in a relationship does not mean you have to blow off your friends) Make time for yourself! And no this is not going to upset your significant other. If they truly care about you they will want you to continue to be you. After all, you are the person that they fell in love with.

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