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Conquering Small Fears Can Lead To Big Breaks!

What is something that you have always wanted to do, but it absolutely terrifies you? I have always been very outgoing, but wait for it, I’m shy. Yes, shy! I

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Just Do You!

When I began this journey, I was very concerned about being careful when I wrote my blogs. I did not want to release all of myself because I was afraid

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Balancing Life

Life can sometimes seem like a balancing act. When you put all of your focus into one specific area of your life the other areas suffer. This happens because we

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Starting a Business & Finding Your Why

Starting a new company can be daunting. All of the variable factors are reason for anyone to be concerned. When you first begin you have no idea how much time, money,

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Oprah and Deepak’s Guided Meditation

I have been listening to Oprah and Deepak's guided meditation tracks for a very long time. I love listening to two of the most insightful people on the planet share

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Friendship 101

When I was younger I used to always think that friendships lasted forever!  Most of the friends that I had, I began my relationship with them at a very young age,

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Keeping It Real

Keeping It Real Recently I have struggled to find my voice. Being authentic has been difficult. In the beginning, I was worried about what people would think. I wouldn’t put

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The Secret to Living a Charmed Life 🦋🛍🌸👗🦄

It is crazy how many choices we make on a daily bases, and how it affects our life.

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Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs

Do you have something in your life that continues to appear over and over. This always happens to me! I believe that it is the universe's way of leading me to divine appointments

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It’s My Fault, Lets Fix It!

Realizing that every circumstance in my life (whether it was positive or negative) was a direct result of my actions was the most heartbreaking, but life changing experience. Before I

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