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How My Life-Transforming Journey Began

I thought that this would be a great week to do a "throwback Tuesday", and tell you the story about how it all began...

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Get Comfortable & Let The Healing Begin

Have you ever experienced something in life that was so terrible it felt like your stomach was ripping apart?

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Conquering Small Fears Can Lead To Big Breaks!

What is something that you have always wanted to do, but it absolutely terrifies you? I have always been very outgoing, but wait for it, I’m shy. Yes, shy! I

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Just Do You!

When I began this journey, I was very concerned about being careful when I wrote my blogs. I did not want to release all of myself because I was afraid

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Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs

Do you have something in your life that continues to appear over and over. This always happens to me! I believe that it is the universe's way of leading me to divine appointments

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How Positive Thinking Changed My Life

Hi everyone! I hope everyone has had a wonderful week so far. I am so excited to write this blog about The Secret by Rhonda Byrne. This book/movie ignited my

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Being Grateful for Where You Are

We are so worried about what is coming next we rarely focus on where we are.

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Overcome Self Doubt

Isn’t crazy that you can be at the top of your game, but there is a little voice in the back of your head that is making you doubt everything


Are You Feeling Stuck In Life? This May Help:)

How many of you have set up your life to be very comfortable? You have a job that you have been at forever, and you do the same routine each


Simply Overcoming Insecurities 

Hello Everyone! Thank you so much for joining me! This week has been an emotional week and I am excited to talk to you about what has surfaced. Have you

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